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Sliding patio door installations

uPvc patio door with white chair


We supply and install a wide range of patio doors for domestic and commercial properties across Cheshire and the North West. Sliding patio doors are available in two, three or four leaf designs and a variety of colours and hardware options.
Sliding doors can transform a room, providing light and enhancing views while offering thermal efficiency and high security. Replacement doors come in a wide choice of colours to ensure a prefect match to any existing window and door configurations supplied to homes and commercial properties across Cheshire. They offer panoramic views and fewer vertical frames to interrupt the views.

Aluminium sliding door with kitchen seats


Sliding patio doors usually have two or three panels which slide over each other. Sliding patio doors do not open in or out, they slide sideways on tracks in the door frame and so they don’t take up any space in the home or garden when opened.
As they're not hinged they can slide open as pretty much as needed, just slightly for ventilation or fully open for maximum access.
Sliding doors offer the best uninterrupted view of the outdoors of any window type layout especially if large panes of glass are used in each panel.

Black patio door with wood decking


Modern sliding patio doors boast highly secure locking systems. Toughened glass panels and flush fitting ensure good security against any unwanted intruders.
Reinforced sections offer robust structural integrity and double glazed panels, if fitted properly, can be as strong as a solid door.
Rollers give sliding doors an exceptionally smooth ride while anti-lifting blocks keep them firmly on track, no matter how hard the usage. Doors fitted with anti-lifting tracks will resist the attentions of any intruder by preventing frames from being moved out of place.

Aluminium sliding door with kitchen seats


With such large areas of glass, energy efficiency is an immediate concern for those considering sliding patio door replacement.
Modern double glazing technology, toughened glass and special heat reflective low-E coatings can all combine to improve thermal efficiency and keep heating bills low.
Despite their large open areas of glass, sliding windows can have high thermal efficiency, letting in light while acting as a barrier to heat.
Thermal breaks in metal frames such as aluminium create a heat barrier that keeps the warmth in and the cold out.

Aluminium bifold patio doors


Sliding doors offer great benefits for the home. They improve the natural light while minimising heat loss. They blend the outside and inside without compromising on weather performance offering great views over the garden or terrace with clean, uncluttered lines that that look good in almost any home.
Modern patio doors are glide smoothly along tracks so that opening and closing is effortless while maximising the floorspace in your room. Installing sliding doors can add value to any home. Sleek and elegant, they blend style with functionality. Sliding doors create a striking statement which both improves quality of life and has the potential to increasing the value can saleability of your property

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