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Sliding and Folding Door Options

Glazed doors have become hugely popular among homeowners in recent years. Not only can they maximise natural light in a room, but such a sought-after feature can add value to the whole house.
Folding doors can effectively open up your home to the outside world, creating a light open space and framing your garden or patio.
Select Window Systems uses the UK's leading window and door systems supplier, offering a wide and varied product range.
It's a range that offers a great choice of high-quality solutions that can include high-security glazing, deadlock and hook bolts, and an unsurpassed colour range.

Sliding and bi-fold doors with living room fire

Sliding Door Options

With sliding doors, the large window panes slide sideways – one stacking behind the other rather like a sash window. Built of uPVC or aluminium to combine strength with a slim profile, sliding doors come with double and triple tracks for two, three and four sash systems.
Toughened windows deliver a large glass area to maximise light and reveal open views. Where possible, the threshold can be recessed into the floor for a seamless transition from inside to outside. Our doors come with a range of attractive handles and other accessories.
Sliding doors can be the ideal solution for smaller rooms where space might be limited.

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Folding doors in home

Folding Door Options

Bi-fold doors have multiple door leaves that concertina to the side, folding back on one another. Slim, elegant lines maximise light and offer smooth and reliable opening.
Thresholds can be rebated, low level or even recessed into the floor level to provide seamless access. D handles allow doors to open and close easily while locking shoot-bolts give extra security.
Folding doors can open inwards or outwards and can fold back to virtually disappear when open, giving maximum access to the outside.

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