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Aluminium window installations

Aluminium windows are a popular replacement for homes and businesses in Cheshire. They look smart and have many practical benefits over other materials.

Many Cheshire homeowners think aluminium windows are suitable only for modern properties, but that is a mistake; aluminium windows can look great on period homes, too. Modern windows can even be used in listed properties and conservation areas.

Select Window Systems can supply and install aluminium windows throughout Cheshire. We have a huge range of colours and finishes to choose from.

Pros and cons of aluminium windows

There are many reasons to choose aluminium as the best material for a replacement window. In addition to looking good, aluminium windows are robust but lightweight, resistant to corrosion, virtually maintenance-free, and guaranteed to last. They are also energy efficient, with modern thermal break technology to ensure excellent insulation.

There are some issues to consider when choosing to install aluminium windows. First is the cost. They are more expensive to manufacture than uPVC windows, but homeowners should consider the durability and longevity of aluminium. Repair cost is also an issue. Scratches, dents and other damage may need professional attention. They can also suffer damage from salt water, so seaside homeowners should consider windows with marine-grade powder coating, which adds to the cost.

The cost of aluminium windows

Choosing aluminium for a replacement window is not a budget option. Although more affordable than hardwood, they cost around 20% more than uPVC. However, the upfront price has to be weighed against the long-term advantages. Aluminium windows tend to last longer than uPVC and timber, and they will add value to any property thanks to their aesthetic appeal. They are virtually maintenance-free and are guaranteed not to warp or flex over time. Unlike wooden windows, they do not need painting and will not rot.

Quality issues with aluminium

The quality of aluminium does vary among manufacturers. High-quality producers use 'prime billets' in manufacturing, while others use scrap metal to reduce production costs. Premium quality window products have a consistent, smooth finish with no rough surfaces or pitting, especially around the joints. Top-quality manufacturers will polish the dies between batches to reduce contamination in the production process. There is some variation in how windows are assembled, too, so it pays to use an accredited window installer such as Select Window Systems.

Colours and coatings

Natural aluminium has a silver-grey sheen that is very popular in itself, but modern powder coating technology has introduced a huge range of colours and finishes. Many manufacturers now offer standard PAL colours, and others provide their own range of colour finishes. Companies can also offer different finishes for inside and outside so you can match the window to your interior design. Most aluminium windows are powder-coated, a process that means spraying dry electrostatic powder onto the metal and then baking it in special ovens. The result is a very high-quality, smooth paint finish that is extremely hard-wearing.

Slimline windows in aluminium

Aluminium has the advantage of being both lightweight and strong. This means that the visible elements of the window frame can be very slim, allowing for unobstructed views and a sleek, minimalist appearance. Frames can also be built 'flush' so frames do not protrude, adding to the elegant, slimline look and feel. Slim sightlines mean better views of the garden and more natural light entering the property. The recent revival in Crittall-style windows has resulted in large glass planes incorporating delicate astragal bars that emulate a classical look.

Aluminium window installation

When choosing a Cheshire window installer, always ensure you understand what is included in the quoted installation price. This should include extras such as locks, handles, and other fittings. Lead-in times for installation may often depend on the manufacturer, especially if you are ordering a non-standard frame size. Industry-standard delivery times are usually four to eight weeks, although this can vary, and some manufacturers will offer shorter delivery times for a price. Also, ensure that the installer is approved for the chosen product and, like Select Window Systems, is fully accredited with a nationally recognised agency such as FENSA.

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