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French doors and windows installations

Flush sash French doors in dark grey

French doors & windows

We supply and install a quality range of French doors in Cheshire, all available in a wide range of colours and with tons of security features. French doors are an excellent solution for homeowners who would like to open up rooms within their property. They let in light, improve views and do not compromise on weather resistance or security.
We supply and install French doors in many styles and materials, including PVCu, aluminium, timber and composite materials. We offer a quick, free, competitive quote with excellent prices for French door installations and prompt delivery across Cheshire.

French doors with mullions in white

Types of French door

Our French doors come in a wide variety of styles and materials, enough to satisfy any customer. Doors roughly fall into two basic types. External French doors open outside onto a garden or patio and feature large glass panels for extra light in the home.
Interior French doors usually divide rooms, allowing more light, and are versatile in creating space. Materials used to manufacture French doors range from wood and composite to plastic and metal. Prices can vary, but materials and size dictate the price of French doors, with UPVc usually being the cheapest, composite more expensive and timber the most costly.

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French window with candlesticks 43

Range of materials

French doors are typically made of the following materials.
uPVC: While uPVC has many good properties and is easy to maintain, some don’t find it aesthetically pleasing. uPVC is often the best choice for homes with uPVC windows already installed.
Timber: Wood has aesthetic appeal but does need regular maintenance. Hardwood is more durable but comes with a higher price tag.
Metal: Aluminium is light but strong and durable, requiring little maintenance. Heat insulation issues can be overcome.
Composite: Made with various materials, including timber, PVCu, and reinforced polymers. Composite doors may cost more but last longer and require little maintenance.

French doors with  white brick courtyard

Plenty of glazing options

French doors can have various glazing options, from large glass panels to let in maximum light to mullion styles with a more traditional look. Modern glass technology ensures that replacement windows today are energy-efficient and very secure. Double-glazing is normal, while larger panes can be made of toughened, impact-resistant glass.
Frosted and opaque glass are other options, as are heating reflective and laminated glass. French doors should all have a U-rating to tell you how thermally efficient they are. Our French door and window installations offer accurate fitting and careful sealing to ensure draught-free efficiency.

French doors open onto a patio

Colours to please

French doors now come in a vast range of colour options, so they can be designed to look the way you want them. Customers can opt for dual colour combinations, one for inside and another for outside, and many come with special metallic sheen, woodgrain or satin finishes. Woodgrain finishes for uPVC doors are popular as they increase their aesthetic appeal without losing other properties. The colour and texture can appear like natural wood without maintenance overhead. If wood is the only option, then French doors can come in several stain finishes that enhance the beauty of natural woodgrain or coated with durable, long-lasting paint.

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We offer a quick, competitive quote, excellent prices for French doors and prompt delivery across Cheshire. This means you can install new doors quickly and easily.
Discover the unparalleled design options, superior quality, and impeccable finish of our uPVC French doors, making them a modern classic. With a multitude of design combinations, including in-swing and out-swing doors in various styles and colours, each one is engineered for years of outstanding performance.
Our Heritage French door system is designed for properties where a single door is needed most of the time. But at other times, in summer say, a larger total opening is desired.
All of our French doors come with high-security shoot bolt locking to both doors. Unlike many doors on the market, ours can have handles on both doors.

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