uPVC Windows


Our Heritage Window frames and glass are manufactured in a state of the art production facility, designed to maximise output and minimise material and energy waste, whilst maintaining the highest level of quality possible with the facility's quality management system, assessed to BS EN ISO9001:2000.


Many PVCu windows use an external black rubber gasket to hold the glass in place, which as well as shrinking over time, also looks unsightly. Our frames use low sightline gaskets that are extruded from the plastic, so not only do you not get the unsightly thick black lines around the glass, they will also never shrink.

All our frames are 70mm deep which means that when your old windows are removed the new frames are more likely to cover up any unsightly paint lines, some other window systems do not cover these resulting in the need for additional redecoration.

Thermal efficiency

Using the latest PVC and glass technology from Deceuninck, we are able to provide you with a window with a much improved energy rating compared to older single glazed windows and even the majority of double glazed units. This high energy rating means you will benefit from a warm home comparatively lower heating bills. We are able to offer you a variety of energy efficient solutions and you should ask your consultant to explain the benefits associated with the different energy rated windows.


The majority of wooden, aluminium and plastic windows already installed do not benefit from the latest high security features that we offer, such as internal beads to prevent the glass being removed from the outside, espagnolette shootbolt locking to prevent the sashes being prised open and the option for laminated glass and locking handles.