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Tilt & turn window installations

Tilt and turn window with red brickwork

We install tilt & turn windows

Select Window System supplies andinstalls tilt-and-turn windows for customers in Cheshire. Our windows are designed to maximise the glazing area to aid in cleaning as they can be fully opened inwards. In addition tilt and turn windows provide excellent background ventilation. You can open the window safely while providing excellent ventilation and easy cleaning. Our tilt and true windows are manufactured in a variety of materials, such as timber, uPVC, metal, and composite. All our windows can have security features such as multiple locking and weather shielding seals for maximum draught-proofing.

Tilt & turn bathroom window


Tilt-and-turn windows have several benefits over traditional casement and sash windows. They can open sideways like casement windows or be titled from the bottom. While normal windows open outwards, tilt-and-turn windows open inwards for better ventilation and easier cleaning. With excellent weatherproofing and high-security features, tilt-and-turn windows are considered by many to be an attractive alternative. They offer great flexibility with ventilation and are ideal for smaller rooms where space may be at a premium.


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Tilt and turn window in dark grey


Tilt-and-turn windows are available in various materials, with uPVC and aluminium being the most popular. They come in a range of colours and finishes, so there is sure to be one that matches your home style inside and out. There are finishes to match any scheme, even naturalistic wood grain. Customers have a wide range of gazing options, including double and triple-glazed for thermal efficiency. Natural wood frames are available, but many opt for uPVC, composite or aluminium, which require less maintenance.

Casement window in a purple room


Tilt-and-turn windows use a special hinge system so they can be opened in two ways: sideway like an ordinating window or inward tilting. However, there are many variations in the basic configuration. Some will have false transoms or cottage bars that look like normal windows. Tilting sash windows have panels that fold over each other. All windows are easy to operate, and a single twist of the handle is usually all that is needed to provide ventilation. At the same time, a further turn allows the window to open sideways for easy cleaning.


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