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The case for casement windows

Casement windows are a highly versatile type of window, popular with UK customers and prized for their practicality, convenience, and low cost. A casement window is attached to a frame by hinges with openers that swing outwards. The window can have many different configurations, with openers hung from the top, bottom, or sides.
The most popular casement is the side-hung window, which allows for easy opening. The top-hung casement, sometimes referred to as an awning window, is hinged at the top and is often preferred in wetter regions because it is more efficient in keeping out rain. The bottom-hung casement window is often used in basements.
Casement windows can be manufactured to fit almost any height and width and come in various materials and finishes, from white uPVC to painted timber and powder-coated aluminium.

Flush casement windows

Increasingly popular for UK homeowners, flush casement windows are hung on hinges like standard casements, but the openers sit flush with the frame and don't project outwards like with a standard frame. Flush casements closely resemble traditional old-fashioned timber windows, making them excellent replacement windows for older, more traditional-style homes. However, their sleek appearance makes them suitable for more modern house designs, too. The joints can look almost invisible, and the flat, even finish blends well with most house styles.

Advantages of casement windows

Casement windows are a popular choice for home improvements as they are versatile and can be designed to suit most property types. They are manufactured with uPVC, timber or aluminium frames and can be tailored to fit all sizes. Modern casement windows are fully sealed to ensure an airtight and waterproof seal when closed. This makes them energy efficient by preventing cold air from getting in and warm air from getting out. They are simple to open and close and give unobstructed views, allowing plenty of light into the room.
Casement windows can be partially or fully opened, allowing for various degrees of ventilation. If the openers are angled correctly, they can harness any air breezes and help to circulate air indoors. And double glazed casement windows fitted with proper handles offer good security against a break-in. The disadvantages are few, but they must be considered when considering the fitting of replacement windows. As they open outwards, the frame must be strong enough to support the weight of the glass. This limits the dimension and size. Opening outwards also prevents the fitting of outside screens.

Types of casement window

There are two main types of casement windows:

Single frame casement windows have a simple single frame with a single glass-paned opener. They can open outwards or inwards and are the most commonly found.
Double frame casement windows have two windows hinged at the sides with openers that swing outwards. They were once called French casement windows, but this expression is now rarely used.

Casement windows can be opened by pushing them outwards or inwards, but some employ a crank handle. These are often found in top-hung bathroom windows, where you may not want them fully open. It is not unusual to see casement windows with leaded Georgian lights or leaded glass patterns.

Prices of casement windows

The cost of installing a casement window depends on many factors, such as the manufacturing materials, size and the number of fittings. Typically, the average price of a casement uPVC window with one opener will range from £200 – £500. The cheapest are made from uPVC, and aluminium frames will cost 30% to 50% more. The same can be said for timber frames, although hardwood frames will cost extra.

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