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Flush frame windows for the home

A flush frame window is where the window panels fit flush with the outer frame to give a seamless and elegant overall look.
The inner frame is similar to standard windows but the outer contour has a flat, minimalist appearance.
Both casement windows and sash windows can be manufactured with a flush frame finish that is characterised by smooth, level contours with no protruding edges.
Flush frame windows are not new. They date back to the 19th century and are often seen on Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian properties.
Developments in material technology mean flush frame windows now come in a variety of materials, not just timber.
Aluminium and uPVC flush frame windows are now commonplace. Advances in double glazing, thermal insulation and security have brought flush frame windows into the modern era.
Recent years have seen a rise in popularity of both flush casement windows and flush sash windows on both modern and traditional buildings.

Flush frame contours

The smooth, uncluttered profiles of flush frame windows have the same authentic look and feel as old timber windows.
But the use of modern materials means they come with modern benefits of long-lasting durability, low maintenance and thermal performance expected of modern window designs.
Many modern flush frame windows are not only a low maintenance solution to window replacement problems they are also environmentally friendly and fully recyclable.
High-quality wood-effect finished means contemporary flush frame windows can have the look and feel of genuine traditional wood frame windows without the drawbacks.
Modern manufacturing techniques allow joints made in modern materials to look exactly the same as joints found on timber frames.
For those who prefer a more minimalist look, joints can appear seamless to the naked eye.

Advantages of modern materials

Timber was the material of choice in window design for many years. While wood is an excellent choice it does have drawbacks. Wood can warp, discolour and even rot over time and it needs regular maintenance to keep it looking good.
Modern flush frame windows in uPVC or aluminium can be virtually maintenance-free, with no issues of warping or rotting. They can prove a perfect replacement for old, draughty and worn out windows.
With a wide range of styles, colours and finishes they can be virtually distinguishable from traditional timber frame windows but without the disadvantages.
Glazing, colour and accessory options allow modern flush frame windows to be designed to fit perfectly with your home. They can blend in with all styles of buildings or be designed to provide an eye-catching contrast.

Range of configurations

Flush frame windows come in a huge variety of configurations. Casement windows can have conventional single side openings, double top openings or any combination that works well for your home.
The most common flush sash window has single bottom openings but there are plenty of variations on the market.
Large windows can be segmented or Georgian bars added to give a more traditional appearance.
The abundance of customisation allows you to select from a huge range of options and dictate colour, finish and hardware or to opt for special options like astragal bars or butt hinged.
There is almost certain to be a flush frame window option available to complement your home and enhance any type of property, traditional or contemporary.

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