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How long do uPVC windows last?

uPVC windows and doors typically last for about 20 years, but in favourable conditions and with good care and maintenance, they can last very much longer
How long uPVC doors and windows last depends mainly on the quality of the manufacturing material, the amount of weathering they have to endure and the level of maintenance they receive.
The best quality uPVC windows can last 35 years or more before they need replacing and are unlikely to generate significant repair bills during their lifetime.
Manufacturers of uPVC building products will usually offer a 10-year guarantee from the date of installation. In moderate climates and with regular care, they very rarely need to honour any claims.
Advances in technology make modern uPVC doors and windows very durable products indeed, and replacements can give many decades of service, as well as giving your home a real facelift, help cut energy bills and even add resale value to your home for commercial property.
Modern uPVC products not only boast increased energy efficiency, but they also look extremely stylish and come in a wide range of colours and finishes. It is why uPVC products are a firm favourite with housebuilders and installers.

Many benefits of fitting uPVC windows

There are many benefits to installing uPVC windows and doors in your home. The advantages over timber-framed windows are considerable. Although authentic timber usually wins out for visual appeal, it has several downsides. Not only is wood more expensive to buy, but it also needs regular painting and cleaning.
However, the superior weatherproofing and durability of uPVC means not only do doors and windows last longer, but they need very little maintenance and no painting throughout their long lifetime.
Without regular painting, timber frames eventually suffer from penetrating damp and rotting and decomposition in the worst cases. This is particularly the case for windows that are in an exposed position or face extreme weather conditions.
Thermoplastic uPVC is completely impervious to dampness and, provided windows and doors are properly fitted and sealed, it should last for many years.

How long before a uPVC window looks shabby?

Replacement windows and doors made from uPVC need very little maintenance following installation. A gentle wipe with a soft cloth and soapy water is all that is required to keep them looking good for extended periods.
Some light oil sprayed on moving parts from time to time ensures they operate flawlessly as there is no chance of uPVC warping or bending.
But nothing lasts forever, and they will discolour over time. How long before they look shabby depends mostly on the quality of material, the standard of manufacture and how well they have been fitted.
Cheaper uPVC frames will be manufactured from lower-quality plastics and with less attention to detail during their construction. It can result in cheaper frames that discolour more easily and develop hairline cracks in the worst cases.

Innovation in uPVC frame design

Competition among uPVC manufacturers is very fierce, and this results in many benefits for the consumer. Good quality windows will not warp, crack or peel no matter what the weather conditions.
Modern uPVC frames are built with state-of-art functionality and usually contain multiple chambers, extruded gaskets and reinforcement to ensure they are A-rated for energy and thermal efficiency.
The latest uPVC windows offer superior thermal and acoustic performance and come with high-tech security features such as multi-point locking systems.
One of the most popular innovations has been a huge increase in the colour and finish options, including choosing different colours for inside and outside.
Advances in profiling include flush windows that now sit flush with the frame to combine timber's traditional appearance with the benefits of long-lasting uPVC.

uPVC products from Select Window Systems

We at SWS take great pride in our expertise and craft in installing uPVC doors and windows to meet exact customer requirements. The products that we use are manufactured to the highest standards and come with solid guarantees.
We fully appreciate the need for quality in a price-competitive market, and we offer our customers the widest range of uPVC profiles, colour options and designs. Our doors and windows are of premium quality from world-class manufacturers, and we ensure client satisfaction with a staff of highly-trained professionals with years of experience.
Modern uPVC products can optimise daylight, increase insulation, embrace energy conservation, and reduce noise like never before. Our fully fitted windows and doors meet consumer aspirations for top quality products at affordable prices. Our uPVC products offer style and comfort with long-life durability, and low maintenance people are looking for.

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