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Take care of PVCu doors and windows

Many clients are delighted with the results after having new UPVc doors and windows fitted in their homes and offices.
But most also ask how best to care for and maintain their new fittings to ensure they last longer and stay trouble-free.
Of course, all our doors come fitted with a comprehensive product guarantee, but with a little regular care and attention, the windows and doors installed by us will stay looking good and give many years of service.
Be aware that we install only top quality products that have been manufactured to the highest standard.
They come with a one year guarantee against any mechanical failure of the hardware, a five-year warranty for any defective sealed units, a ten-year guarantee against PVCu cracking, flaking or fading, and a 25-year guarantee on the paint finish for aluminium frames in typical environments.
Our fitted PVCu windows and doors are all internally beaded for extra security and come with plenty of industry accreditations.
But there are some dos and don'ts for cleaning and maintaining windows and doors to ensure optimum performance.

Keep uPVC doors and windows clean

Always use warm soapy water to wash and clean PVCu fittings. It usually needs to be carried out a couple of times and year.
Remember to clean those parts usually hidden when closed and wipe with a dry cloth afterwards.
If you find a stubborn stain on PVCu, try using a cream cleaner with a damp cloth and a gentle circular motion using only the lightest pressure.
Bird excrement can be a problem here, and it's better if this is cleaned off within a day.
Make sure drainage channels are free of dirt and debris that could cause blocking. Warm soapy water and a small soft bristle paintbrush should do the job.
Make a similar check on moving parts and tracks to keep them clear of dirt and reduce wear on moving parts. It need only be done twice a year but be thorough and meticulous about it.
Mechanical parts will benefit from a spray with light oil from time to time, say every six months. It applies to hinges, locks and other moving parts.
Use a proprietary glass cleaner on window panels and follow the manufacturer's instructions but take care not to spray it on the UPVc frame, or an aluminium one for that matter. And don't use it on the self-cleaning glass. Stick to soapy water at all times.

How not to clean PVCu fittings

Do not clean PVCu windows and doors with any bleach or harsh chemical abrasives, especially on coloured or grained UPVc profiles.
The same goes for solvents such as white spirit, methylated spirits or varnish remover. It can be tempting to use brass and metal cleaners on fittings such as handles and door knockers or letter plates, but this will only bring trouble. Even a glass cleaner is not recommended.
High-pressure water and steam cleaners are also likely to damage surfaces and should be avoided.
Do not make the mistake of trying to paint over a PVCu window or door frame. It rarely looks good, and it is unlikely to last very long. Worse is to try and remove paint with a paint stripper or other harsh paint solvents.

More care and maintenance tips

One of the significant advantages of PVCu doors and windows is that they need so little maintenance. They can stay looking good and perform well for many years.
A gentle wipe down with warm soapy water is all that is needed to keep profiles looking as good as the day they were installed. Light lubrication of moving parts and keeping running tracks clear of debris will ensure years of service. The only adjustment you may need to make is to check the friction setting on window stays if you have them.
The window stay ensures windows don't close under their own weight and makes sure they stay open where they are left. They are controlled by small hinges which are factory set, but they may get a little slack over time. A slight clockwise twist of the screw with a flat-bladed screwdriver will be enough to put them right.

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