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How much do new windows cost?

The cost of installing new windows varies greatly on the type, material and size. The average price for a new window is £600 to £3,000, depending on which options you choose. The rise in energy prices means homeowners are considering ways to reduce their heating bills. Replacement windows are one of the best ways to do this while, at the same time, increasing the value of the property. Newly fitted windows will help reduce draughts, and double glazing will prevent heat loss, lower noise, improve security and add value to your home. A typical UK house can trim hundreds of pounds annually from energy bills through window replacement alone.
Calculating the overall cost of window replacement is far from easy, as there are so many variables to consider. Multiple factors affect the price of a new window, so it is difficult for a window fitter to give a reliable estimate without visiting your home. Nevertheless, some rough idea of the average cost of window replacement in the current market could help you make a start. When planning a window upgrade, you must balance style, quality, fittings and budget.

Types of window style

Windows come in various styles, including casement, sash, tilt and turn and bay, and prices will vary with each. White uPVC casement windows are usually the most economical, with prices of £600 – £1,800 depending on size and glazing options. If you opt for aluminium, you must add 25% to the price; for timber, add 50%. Tilt and turn windows will cost 25% more; sash windows will add 50% to the basic price, and bay windows will be double or more.

Casement windows are the standard side-opening window you see in most homes in the UK. Sash windows are usually found on older properties, especially Victorian terraced houses. They have panels that slide up and down. Tilt-and-turn windows are hinged so they can be swung open for ventilation. Bay windows usually have three sections pointing in different directions, hence the price premium. A bay window is typically twice the cost of a casement window, but they let lots of natural light into your home, offer panoramic views and provide extra room space.

Window materials

The manufacturing materials significantly impact the cost of a new window frame. Please note that the figures given are based on average costs for standard window installations in 2023 and are intended as a guide price only.

uPVC frames
uPVC windows are generally the cheapest option but don't compromise quality. Poor quality uPVC can stain and warp over time, so it pays to spend a little more for a better-quality product. The average cost to supply and install a uPVC frame with double glazing can vary from £250 for a small 600mm x 900mm window to £900 for a large 1200mm x 1200mm frame. The cheapest uPVC frames are white, but you can get coloured frames and special finishes for a little extra.

Aluminium frames
Aluminium window frame prices are higher than uPVC, but they offer long-lasting, durable, slimmer windows with better thermal efficiency. Aluminium frames come in a range of colours. The average price of a small aluminium casement window is £600, rising to £1,000 for the larger sizes.

Timber frames
Timber frame windows are the most expensive but can add considerable extra value to your home, especially to period and character properties. You will pay at least £850 for a small timber frame window, while a large window will set you back £1,500. Timber frames come in hardwood or softwood and with a range of finishes.
The cheapest replacement windows may not include all the finishing touches a home requires. Standard locks and handles should be included, but you may have to pay extra for stylish, bespoke options.

Double glazing

Most windows today come with double glazing. They may cost a little more but are well worth the investment. Double-glazed windows will keep your home much warmer and reduce noise. The Energy Saving Trust says a typical gas-heated home could save up to £160 a year in heating bills with double glazing installed. Other benefits include better security with tougher glass than single panes and a gas-filled spacer that absorbs impact force. Potential intruders find it much more challenging to break through double-glazed units. Many also have high-security locking systems either built in as standard or as optional extras. The type of glass can also affect the final price. Glass can be standard, toughened, obscured or reflective, all of which can alter the final price.

Energy rating

The energy rating is crucial in determining how effectively a window reduces bills. The British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) independently verifies how thermally efficient windows are. They rate windows from A++, the best, and E, the worst. UK building regulations now state that all new buildings should have windows rated no lower than C. While upfront costs will be higher, the long-term savings can be considerable given the average lifespan of a window of 25 years.

Measuring for new windows

When taking measurements for a new window, stick to millimetres (mm). Most window manufacturers are based in Europe, where metric sizes rule. Where possible, measure the opening from brick to brick on the outside of your property. WIndow fitters usually allow an expansion gap of between 5 and 10 mm, depending on the size of your window, to allow room to square the window inside the opening. Be aware that installing windows on the first floor or above may cost more as scaffolding may be required. And bear in mind that firms will often give a discount on multiple windows, so it can often prove cheaper to have them all done at once rather than one at a time.

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