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What are flush frame windows?

Flush frame windows are those where the opening sash or panel sits flush with the surrounding frame. When the window is closed, there is no overlap or protuberance beyond the surface of the frame.

They give windows a minimalist, sleek, modern, clean and uncluttered look. Despite their modern appearance, flush frame windows can look surprisingly good on many buildings, ranging from modern and industrial to cottage and traditional. The design and materials used often determine their effectiveness in any situation.

A flush frame window will often be made of uPVC or aluminium, but it can also be made of wood and generally come in two flavours. Flush fit is where the sash or panel sits perfectly flush with the frame. This results in a very clean and minimalist look. Lipped flush is where the window sash has a small lip that overlaps the frame to give extra protection against wind and rain.

Flush frames are a popular choice

Both types of flush frames are a popular choice for owners of both new and old homes. The clean profiles are stylish, energy-efficient, and easy to maintain. There are many other advantages to fitting flush-frame windows in your home or commercial property.

The windows fit flush with the surrounding brickwork or other types of wall, so there is a seamless and smooth transition between the two. Windowpane panels also fit flush with the frame, resulting in very clean lines with no protruding elements. Despite the smooth, sleek appearance, flush windows can complement any home d├ęcor style.

Advantages and drawbacks

Flush frame windows are typically made of energy-efficient materials, such as uPVC or aluminium. This helps to keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This type of window is also relatively low-maintenance. They require no painting or staining and are easy to clean with soap and water.

There are some disadvantages to fitting flush frame windows in your home. They are typically more expensive than traditional windows and are not always available in all sizes or styles. Flush-fit windows may also not be as secure as conventional windows, as the sash or door panel does not overlap the frame making them easier to open with a jemmy or crowbar. However, many modern manufacturers boast of the high-security measures built into their products.

Flush-frame windows are a stylish and energy-efficient option for new and old homes. They offer many advantages but may be more expensive than traditional windows.

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