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Different types of folding doors

Choosing a type of folding door for the home or office can be a problem if you don't know the difference between a bifold and a sliding fold door.
All types of folding door have become very popular with homeowners in recent years, thanks to their versatility and ease of use.
Bifold doors, also called folding sliding doors, can open inwards or outwards and can include a standard door at one end. Interior bifold can act as room dividers, while exterior doors can open up a whole wall.
They can be manufactures in various materials and multiple sizes with an array of optional extras. Hence, it's easy to see why they have become a popular feature of many homes and offices.
Exterior bi-folds are a great way to bring more natural light into a room and 'extending' a room into the garden or patio area. But the range and the options can be bewildering, so it a good idea to take a look at the basics and know about the different types, how they function and what is required for a successful installation.
We take a look at each type, in turn, to help you decide which type of folding door is best for you and your home or office.

Bifold Door Costs

Bi-folding doors can come in a wide range of sizes. The larger bi-folds are often used for splitting bigger rooms or connecting smaller ones. Bifold come in many styles and configurations, indoor and outdoor, single leaf concertina or multi-leaf room divider, so it's useful to know what each has to offer.
The cost of  installing a bifold door  will vary depending on the size of the installation, the specification of manufacturing materials, and the door system's configuration.
As a rough guide, and for a high-quality installation, you can expect to pay £1,200 to £1,500 per linear metre of frame opening with added VAT and installation costs to be added.
Off-the-shelf systems will be cheaper and have shorter lead times, while bespoke installations will cost more and take longer to arrive. Installers usually ask for plenty of details before offering a quote to ensure an accurate price and the installation that best meets your needs.

Concertina Doors

Concertina doors or single bi-folds are the smallest of the bi-fold door ranges. They consist of two hinged panels and act as an alternative to a single door or double door frame. Unlike a single door which is hinged to the frame and swing in or out in an arc, the concertina door folds up on itself and, when fully open, sits flat against the frame or wall.
With a single opening, the arc is much reduced, and the single concertina door is perfect where internal space is at a premium. Examples of where a concertina door can be useful are small bathrooms and built-in wardrobes or similar closets.
Some concertinas can have two door-sized panels to fit a double door frame. The advantage again here is space-saving as there is no double arc opening as with conventional double doors.

Room Dividers

The name bi-folds can give the impression that only two panels are possible, but the number of hinged panels can be increased substantially. It is perfectly possible to have a bifold with seven or eight panels that open and close in the same 'concertina' fashion as a single bi-fold.
Again, they come in various configurations, but the most important are those with or without a separate access door. The standard room divider bi-folds operate in the same way as a single bifold, but the panels are hung to run along tracks that keep them stable when they are opened or closed.
As the door is opened, the panels slide over each other and stack against the frame or wall. There can be an even or odd number of panels; it doesn't normally matter as long as they fill the space. With an even number of panels, there is the option of opening them from the middle, with one set sliding to the left and the other to the right. The greater the number of panels, the deeper the profile when they are all stacked open, so bi-folds opening left and right may be a better option.

Bifold Access Doors

Not everyone wants to open all the panels in a bifold door each time it is used. It's for this reason that multi-panel bi-folds often include a single door at one side. This access door has the advantage of being able to open as normal, so moving between rooms is much more convenient. The single panel operates just like a normal door, opening independently to the others, which concertina together in the way you would expect. Access doors can be fitted to the right or left of the bifold-panels to match your preferred position.

Interior And Exterior Bi-folds

Bifold doors can be used internally as room dividers or externally to provide access to a patio or garden. The great majority of exterior bi-folds are made of glass with frames of  uPVC,   composite  wood or aluminium. Large glass panels raise issues of thermal efficiency, but most modern designs come with double glazed panels and energy-efficient coatings.
Exterior bi-folds need strong and efficient seals to make them weatherproof all year round and good security locks to keep out unwanted intruders.

Bifold Door Materials

Choice of material is a personal matter and much depends on personal taste. In price terms, the cheapest option will be bifold doors made of uPVC. Many people were put off by the thick, chunky profiles of uPVC, but advances in technology have resulted in a much more slimline appearance. A restricted range of colours also used to be a problem, but modern uPVC doors now come in a wide range of colours and finishes.
Aluminium bi-fold doors  at more expensive than uPVC but come with several advantages. As easy to clean and maintain as uPVC, they combine strength and low weight to allow wide panel widths and ultra-thin profiles. Available in a wide range of durable powder-coated colours and finishes.
Wooden bi-folds tend to be the most expensive and are usually made of factory finished engineered hardwood to prevent warping or twisting. They can be painted in almost any colour, but many prefer a stained finish in oak, mahogany or teak.

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